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Lessar Heat Pumps

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08 November 2011

Lessar company announced the start of Heat Pump series manufacturing. These products are the best solution for those who appreciate energy-efficient and eco-friendly equipment and follow modern technology tendencies.

The heat pump is a combined system for heating and hot water supply and could be used at the same time for air conditioning systems. Owing to the fact that a heat pump uses energy from external sources besides electric power it operates more effectively than traditional heating systems and operating costs could appear to be even several times lower. Heating systems on the basis of heat pumps are eco-friendly because do not burn fuel and operate without harmful emissions into the atmosphere

With only 1 kW electric power spent for compressor operation the heat pump has the condenser heating efficiency 4-5 kW. For example the inverter outdoor unit Lessar Heat Pump LUM-HE120FA2consume 2,79 kW and provide efficiency 12 kW.

Heat pump Lessar Heat Pump consists of the following constituent elements: inverter outdoor unit, hydraulic unit, storage tank, solar panel connection set.

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