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Hot water heat pump Kaliko

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09 July 2012

The company De Dietrich added domestic hot water heat pump Kaliko to its range of equipment for the Russian market in 2012. It uses free air heat outside or inside the room (to -5 °C) during the whole year with maximum efficiency, he. It provides hot water with the temperature up to 65°C so it suits for replacing an electric water heater.
Kaliko's COP index is 3.7, ie it produces 3.7 kW energy to heat the water per 1 kW of power consumption, up to 70% of hot water is produced for free.
Kaliko's principle of operation is similar to the hybrid car but in economy mode heat pump operates instead of an electric power source. If necessary an additional heater and hydraulic heat source (the model 300 TWH EH): solar installation or boiler can be connected.
Kaliko has a long service life due to the characteristic structural features:
• enamel tank with titanium anode which provides protection against corrosion;
• steatile heater with the power 2400 watts is suitable for all water types and is easy in maintainance;
• capacitor located around the tank guarantees the absence of direct contact between the coolant and hot water in order to avoid problems with the scale formation at heat exchanger.
Kaliko is cheaper more than doubled compared to other heat pumps on the Russian market.

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