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09 December 2011
Since November, residents of Omsk were able to pay for heating and hot water via the Internet. To make a payment for the citizens need to know your personal account and hold bank cards Visa, MasterCard or electronic money. Commission with payment via the Internet will be charged.
Such a possibility has residents have a number of Russian cities. However, the payment via the Internet - this is not the only way to improve the usual service. Upgrade can not only payments but also accounting and heat consumption.
For example, in Tyumen MTS has provided continuous monitoring of resources within the project "Energy-efficient district" encompassing several dozen homes. In buildings, meters are installed, equipped with SIM-cards of MTS. In real time with objects in the monitoring system via communication channels receiving data on the consumption of heat, water and electricity. "The installed system allows us to monitor the state of heat, electricity and water in buildings. Due to constant monitoring can reduce the process losses of resources, services, utilities are able to quickly respond to emergencies and non-staff "- the director of" Inform-Tyumen "Dmitri Denisov.
For the heating system is characterized by a new generation of not only continuous monitoring, but also some flexibility to adjust the parameters of consumption. For example, in 2011 as part of major maintenance program in Chita began to apply new technologies, in particular, to establish thermal units Danfoss.
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