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Danfoss Micro Plate Heat Exchangers

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05 September 2011
The Micro Plate Heat Exchanger (MPHE) from Danfoss provide high energy efficiency and low costs for multiple heating applications. Thanks to a unique plate pattern design, MPHEs give an excellent route to better performance and lower environmental impact. By improving the flow of fluid across the plate and utilization of the surface area, MPHEs enable much better heat transfer.

The same model of heat exchanger has been in use for over 40 years, without any significant developments. But now, owing to Danfoss' latest invention, the Micro Plate Heat Exchanger (MPHE), all that is about to change.
The micro plate pattern also allows for greater flexibility in application design. Simply by varying the number, size and placement of dimples on the plate, MPHEs can be adapted to give the optimal heat transfer and minimal pressure drop in a variety of different applications – from district heating to solar heating solutions.


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