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Soler&Palau TD-SILENT

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24 July 2012

As the name suggests these fans are extremely quiet, low profile "Mixed-flow" fans. Manufactured in plastic material with an external connection box, the body is easily dismantled with a two speed controllable 115V 60Hz motor. Sound waves are directed through the perforated inner skin and absorbed by a layer of sound-absorbent insulation. Plus the TD-SILENT is fitted with rubber gaskets on the inlet and outlet to absorb vibrations.

The compact design of the TD inline fan range allows the central fan body to be easily removed without interfering with the duct system. This greatly simplifies the task of inspection and cleaning, and thus benefits users.

In the latest development of the TD concept S&P engineers have focussed on reducing noise as far as possible. The new S&P TD-SILENT maintains the air performance and technical features of the original TD but noise is reduced to a much lower level. Sound levels have been reduced in the inlet and outlet ducts aswell as massive reductions in radiated sound levels making the TD-SILENT up to 12dB(A) quieter than major competitors.

How did S&P engineers achieve this innovation? The product has a unique perforated inner liner design, enclosed in an outer casing of high density material to reduce sound transmission.
Duct connection is via flexible elastomer gaskets to eliminate air leakage and minimise sound and vibration transmission to ducts.

The TD-SILENT maintains all the excellent characteristics of the original TD and has a greatly reduced noise level, within an attractive new aesthetic design that will continue to lead the market well into the future.

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