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Stavropol is developing solar energy

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10 May 2012
Stavropol Government and "RusEnergoInvest" concluded an agreement on the establishment of the Kislovodsk and Staromarevskoy solar power plants at the territory of the province within the framework of the IX International Forum "Investment in Man" in Kislovodsk.
Agreement in the framework of the IX International Forum "Investment in Man", which was held in Kislovodsk, Stavropol Territory was signed by the Governor Valery Gajewski and CEO "RusEnergoInvest" Dmitry Glukhov.
Power plants will be constructed on the basis of PV module peak power of 2 * 25 MW and 150 MW.
In addition, as part of the agreement will enable the project to the regional target program "Energy conservation, renewable energy development in the Stavropol Territory in 2009-2013 and till 2020".
Minister of Industry, Energy and Transport in the region, Dmitry Samatov and vice-president of JSC "AvtoVAZ" Eugene Shmelev signed a memorandum of understanding to implement a pilot project to increase the use of cars in the region with electric power sources - electric vehicles.
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