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Testo Rus special offer

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20 December 2011
Company Testo Rus, the Russian representation of Testo AG (Germany), announced a special offer. Until January 31, 2012 the the price for the Testo SuperResolution technology activation will be reduced. During this period the service is available at a price of 9900 rubles. (instead of 14 900 rubles)
Testo's patent-pending SuperResolution technology represents a major advancement in image quality for the entire thermal imager product line. With a four-fold resolution improvement, each thermal image is incredibly detailed, providing the most precise thermographic measurements possible.
SuperResolution combines sequential imaging with an advanced algorithm for incredible detail and absolutely zero interpolation. Ultimately, this provides the truest calculations. This new technology also accounts for any tremor or hand shake by the operator, ensuring the clearest of images for analysis.
Due to this technology the resolution 160x120 becomes a resolution of 320x240, 320x240 - 640x480, 640x480 - 1280x 960 pixels (maximum rate for thermal imagers for today).
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