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Prevention of water damages

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09 August 2012

This can happen to anyone: just when you’re out or on vacation a pipe or hose bursts and floods your house. Such water damages are not only annoying but also very expensive. With the new SYR PROTECT, you’re on the safe side! The SYR PROTECT, a high-end electronic system, checks your water consumption every second of the day. In case of any deviations from the usual water consumption, the device immediately isolates the installation. The SYR PROTECT is also equipped with an automatic backwash filter and an integral pressure reducing valve, which protects your domestic installation and your appliances against impurities and damages.

Benefits of the new SYR PROTECT:

    Reliable protection against leakage, water damages and waste of water
    Reliable water quality ensured by a high-end backwash filter, convertible into a fully automatic backwash system with a press of a button
    Fulfilment of all relevant international standards
    Protection of the domestic installation against excessive pressure
    Reduction of the water consumption by special setting of the pressure reducing valve

A three-ways prevention of water damages, waste of water and corrosion

1. A million pipe damages per year in Germany alone – almost one in three households has to face this, even though protection could be so easy: the SYR PROTECT immediately identifies water damages and isolates the water installation. It also detects any unnoticed waste of water caused by a faulty flushing cistern, leaking pipes or dripping valves – The SYR PROTECT shuts off the installation and helps you to save cash.

2. Sediments from pipes in the water are responsible for corrosion and dangerous pitting. The SYR PROTECT is an innovative new generation backwash filter, which filters even the smallest rust and metal particles and other sediment out of your water.

3. Reduced pressure and leakage protection – the SYR PROTECT pays off very quickly! The pressure reducing valve allows water savings of up to 15 percent without restrictions in terms of comfort. The amount of water saved is even higher when the SYR PROTECT detects unnoticed water losses.

One more device which helps to prevent water leakages is SYR Safe-T LS.

The SYR Safe-T LS module 2421 offers a leakage detection system according to VP 638 that permanently supervises the installation as soon as it is activated. The Safe-T LS module can be mounted on any flange of the SYR flange system up to DN 32. Any valve suited for the flange can be fitted onto the module. The Safe-T can also be used as stand-alone version. The covering cap required for that purpose is available as accessory.
The Safe-T‘s monitoring electronic system is able to detect leakage. When the pre-programmed values are exceeded, the Safe-T isolates the whole installation. It also offers a special vacation function ensuring an intensified supervision. All important function data can be individually set with the management and diagnosis system.
The body is made of a high-quality low-lead brass alloy. The rubber parts are made of ageing-resistant elastomer. Non-rusting steel is used for all other functional parts. All materials used are state-of-the-art. All synthetic parts getting into contact with water are approved by the German Public Health Office (KTW).

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