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Soudal Window System protects against heat loss

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04 May 2012
The company is specialized complex Soudal materials for the installation of windows - Soudal Window System. The peculiarity of this system lies in the fact that in addition to the polyurethane foam used in it are also vapor barriers and paropropuskayuschie tape. They allow you to protect the insulation from both external (such as wind, rain, temperature), as well as internal (such as humidity, temperature) factors. Due to this it is possible to implement a strong and secure seal against the window.
Proper sealing of windows using materials Soudal Window System is a special technology.
The first step - filling the joint "slope-frame" flexible and durable insulating material such as polyurethane foam Soudafoam Classic Gun. This product has a high ability to fill and provides heat and sound insulation. It has excellent adhesion to most construction materials, excellent stability (no shrinkage and expansion of double effect), as well as access to 45 liters.
The second step is to protect the foam from the negative effects of moisture and temperature, both outside and indoors. To do this, use the indoor vapor-proof flexible sealing tape Soudal Folienband Inside. Double-sided adhesive strip and a layer of butyl tape makes it easy to attach to a window frame and the wall. This product is a "protective shield" for the thermal insulation layer. It does not allow penetration of water vapor and moisture from inside the building into a layer of thermal insulation. The tape can be plastered or painted.
For external insulation applied elastic sealing tape paropropuskayuschuyu Soudal Folienband Outside. It protects against moisture inside and at the same time makes possible the diffusion of water vapor from the walls.
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