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Soler&Palau got new certificates

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07 December 2011
Company Soler & Palau received "Conformance Certificate for Explosion-proof fans" and "Permission to use explosion-proof fans" (RosTechInspectorate Permission), which give the right to implement the projects based on the S&P explosion-proof fans.
The range of
S&P explosion-proof fans includes fans of all types: channel, axial, centrifugal and roof fans, altogether 150 series. They differ in capacity, design and protection class. Almost any S&P fan may be manufactured in explosion proof performance.

Explosion proof S&P fans are available with the following protection classes: 2ExeIIT3, 1ExdIIBT4/T5, 1ExdIICT4 and Ex tD A22 T125oC/T135oC (the last two classes are used to move explosive dust).
Class 1ExdIICT4 is suitable for 
air+hydrogen mixture moving. This level of equipment protection together with the stainless steel performance allow the fan to operate in accumulator rooms.
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