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The Daikin VRV III Heating Only

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05 August 2011
Daikin Европа

Daikin, a well-known manufacturer of HVAC equipment, presents a VRV III Heating Only system which is designed only for heating. It uses renewable energy from the outdoor air to drive the heating process and generates 4 kW of usable heat for every 1 kW of electricity consumed. Such a solution reduces the costs of the owner for the premises heating, greenhouse gas emissions and also brings to saving of fossil fuels.

The variable refrigerant flow concept behind the VRV® technology was developed by Daikin and has been improved continuously over the last quarter century. It allows buildings to have separate zones with individual heating requirements and to control them. VRV III Heating Only uses inverters to adapt compressor speed dynamically in order to make the heating output the same as the actual building demand.

Up to 64 separate indoor units including ceiling mounted, floor-standing and wall mounted devices are furnished with the outdoor units with heat output from 25 to 170 kW. Ventilation devices, heat screens and a wide range of Daikin control systems could be integrated into the system.

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