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21 March 2012
At an exhibition in Moscow only a small part of GREE innovations implemented in recent years were represented but they caused a phenomenal interest among the exhibition visitors.
Thus, the wall air-conditioners in the group company GREE introduced just three new IVF: a series of U-poem with ultralow compressor G10, unmatched energy efficiency, a series of Solar - using air conditioners for solar energy, and a series of Artful R290 - the world's first serial conditioning using propane as a refrigerant.

Технологии GREE меняют мир к лучшему
Another novelty for Russia in this group of equipment was the heat pumps "air-to-air" Change Arctic (DC-inverter), and Cozy Arctic (on / off), which can operate efficiently in the heating mode when outdoor temperature is -25 ° C and -15 ° C, respectively.
Increased attention as visitors enjoyed a multi-functional system Versati, the heart of which is a heat pump "air-water interface." Water cooled or heated with it to the desired temperature, is used in hydraulic systems, cooling and heating, domestic hot water. The range of ambient temperatures for the system Versati - from -20 ° C to +48 ° C. Field of application systems GREE Versati - cottage construction and service industries.
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