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Giacomini ball valves

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12 March 2012
The company Giacomini (Italy) starts production of new economical ball valves . Simultaneously the company reduces the price for the most popular traditional valves.

Giacomini ball valves were designed for high mechanical resistance, minimising the overall size, and to guarantee proper operation even with very high operating pressures. Materials used are appropriate for the application, in full safety conditions, on hot and cold water systems, food use fluids, gas, hydrocarbons, compressed air and dry saturated steam. The assembly of the stem from inside, tampering-proof, is appropriate for use in internal and external gas distribution networks. This large array provides the solution to all needs.

Traditional ball valves maintain the typical characteristics of the Giacomini production, which since the ’50s guarantees quality and continuous improvement of materials and production processes, the result of decades of experience. DADO® ball valve, instead, is an exclusive Giacomini model, which represented a revolution in the world of ball valves. Their “cubic” shape guarantees the removal of impurities from tightness seats, eliminating the possibility of damaging the gaskets, during the opening and closing operations; the impurities contained in the flow, in fact, deposit on the flat face of the ball and then are eliminated by fluid stream.

The reduced contact between the ball and the tightness seats reduces friction between the parts and consequently the manoeuvre torque of the valve is lower by around 15%-20% with respect to the one required by a traditional ball. The combined effect of these factors determines an extension of useful life of PTFE gaskets.

Traditional balls are assembled on the valves of families R250D, R850, R780, whereas DADO® balls are assembled on the valves of families R910 and R950.
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