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Arctos rotor recuperators

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28 October 2011

Arctic Company announces the widening of  Arctos RR rotor recuperators family for the channal ventilation systems.

Recuperators  are commonly used to re-use waste heat from exhaust air which is normally expelled to outside. Thus, the cost of the fresh-air heating is reduced at 70-80%.

Recuperators with rotor exchanger is the optimal solution for cases where it is particularly important for the size of the unit and the maximum savings. The main advantages of these systems are return of heat to 85%, small sizes (the device is smaller than tabulate recuperators), adjustable speed for the most efficient operation.

The units has a unique design (patent applied for) which gives great flexibility of installation in terms of positioning of ducts and location of the unit.

Recuperator series RR consists of eight devices, they have different power and different versions. It helps to select a recuperator which corresponds exactly to the ventilation and air conditioning system. The capacity of the series also increased to 12600 m3/h.

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