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Russian-German energy forum

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28 July 2011

The forum ‘The Role of Energy Service in Russian-German partnership concerning modernization of the Russian economy’ started at the 27th of July 2011 in Chelyabinsk. The two-day conference is planned to be attended by the Russian Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko, Regional Development Minister Viktor Basargin, chairman of the German Energy Agency "DENA" Stephan Kohler and other high-ranking officials.

On the first day the energy efficiency role in the modernization of the Russian economy was discussed. Delegates were offered boiler modernization projects in cities and villages of Chelyabinsk region (total amount 145), renovation of external lighting system in 15 municipalities and water supply systems in the region as a whole.

The second day of the forum will be held in Yuzhnouralsk. The energy service in the industrial sector will be discussed.

Participants will visit several enterprises of the city. Among those the South Ural Insulator and Fitting Plant which has implanted the first energy service project.
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