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Kamstrup solutions in Moscow City

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17 May 2012
The latest ultrasonic technology of energy measurement was used in one of the Moscow City towers, the largest project in the history of Russian building construction.
Tower of the "West" in height 243 meters, along with the recently suffered from a fire tower, "East" in height 360 m, consists of a complex of skyscrapers "Federation," Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" and represent the largest high-rise construction project in Europe.
Originally, the designers have laid in this ambitious project is everything you need: a bright image, elegant architectural design. In order to make the project perfect, not only externally but also internally, at the stage of designing engineers decided to apply to a system of integrated intelligent building management.

In the tower of the "West" all automated engineering systems: ventilation, air conditioning, heating, water, electricity, etc. According to experts, the cost of such a modern automation system is up to 15% of total construction costs of the building. But in this case the payback period of this system is 3-5 years, and is achieved by reducing operating costs and expenses of electricity, water and heat, usually by 20-30%

A good demonstration of the advantages of using automated solutions is to organize a system for heat, cooling and electric power, implemented with the assistance of experts from Danish company Kamstrup, world-renowned manufacturer of advanced metering. In total, the apartment towers of the "West" was established 82 ultrasonic heat and hladoschetchika with Solvers MULTICAL ®, complete with ultrasonic sensors ULTRAFLOW ® and 41 Series Kamstrup electricity meter 382. According to experts of the engineering company "Armo-Group", projecting building, the main criteria for selection Kamstrup has high precision, reliability and durability of the instruments of the company
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