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Gree solutions for the 'MoreMoll'

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25 May 2012

The exclusive GREE distributor in Russia EuroCLIMATE has installed three chillers LSBLX3800-M with the record performance of at 3.8 MW each for the shopping and entertainment center "MoreMoll" in Sochi. For GREE it is the largest facility in Europe.
Official opening of the shopping center "MoreMoll" is scheduled for August 2012. In the complex with total area of ​​167,680 sq.m. be located 3 hypermarkets, 8-hall cinema, more than 250 shops and 40 cafes and restaurants. "MoreMoll" - the first in Sochi project of the European level of this magnitude. Engineering building systems meet the highest international standards. The complex uses the most modern equipment and advanced technologies.
The system of central air conditioning is provided by three water-cooled chiller GREE LSBLX3800-M with centrifugal compressors. The weight of each chiller - almost 20 tons, height - 2,75 m, width - 4,75 m each unit cooling capacity - 3.8 megawatts. Number of refrigerant charge - 925 kg. When the noise level for the equipment of such capacity is not large - less than 95 dB, which is comparable with the noise train station at 7 am for transportation chiller was developed by a special scheme using special delivery vehicle loading platforms. To date, this is the most powerful chillers GREE, established in Europe. One can say with certainty that the "Big Three" U.S. brands a serious competitor.

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