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hybridSchwank recoves up to 15 per cent of the installed heating power

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08 November 2012

Schwank’s new hybridSchwank system is using innovative methods to trap and re-use waste heat, recovering up to 15 per cent of the installed heating power. Typically, this may be used to heat adjacent offices or produce hot water for washrooms.

Leader in the supply of infrared heaters for industrial and commercial buildings, Schwank has used its experience and technical expertise to ensure that hybridSchwank is an exceptionally efficient heat recycler.

    Flue gas from the infrared heating system’s combustion process is collected via duct systems and fed into a recuperative air-water heat exchanger;
    The heated water (temperatures up to 90 deg C) is supplied to the hot water storage tank;
    A custom control system, with three-way mixing valve and temperature sensors, controls the inflow into the system;
    Recovered energy in the form of heated water is stored and available to be used in the office heating system.

Schwank has found that up to 18 per cent of a building’s floor space can be heated through recovered heat.

A good example of the hybrid system’s benefits can be seen at the Bauer Service Centre installation, where Schwank worked with energy consultant KfW, replacing an expensive oil heating system with efficient infrared heating using Schwank tube heaters.

In spite of frequently open workshop doors, the comfortable heat level soon improved noticeably.

The decision to install Schwank infrared heaters and hybridSchwank was made for environmental as well as operational reasons, and benefits were swift.

Bauer has been able to save 650,000 kWh per year in the production facilities and 55,000 kWh per year at their office premises. This results in winter savings of 51 per cent for production facility and 29 per cent for the offices.

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