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21 February 2012
Refrion finished an important new project for Swisscom, the leading telephone company in Switzerland, which also operates in Italy through Fastweb. The project included the delivery and mounting of dry cooling towers and foresaw the recycling of 22 MW heat. The space for dry cooling placing was limited.

Eighteen of the 30 elements that will make up the air conditioning system for the data centre were recently installed. Reliability, improved performance and low power consumption are the key elements of Refrion dry coolers, affirming the company’s capacity for innovation as it continues to develop new products, always striving for constant improvement and quality.

To solve this complex engineering problem REFRION used heat exchangers with oval pipes in the chillers which allowed to increase the effectiveness of each tower by 15%, installed modern electronically commutated fans which reduced power consumption significantly and also developed a special design to reduce the allowable distance between the chillers. The optimal solution for this project was the installation of 32 cooling towers ESNC 2590.5/4-100%.
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