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Renewable energy development in Russia

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01 October 2012

Russia to launch 11 GW of renewable energy units by 2020. The costs of entry of 11 GW electricity from renewable sources by 2020 will exceed 1 trillion rubles, and accumulate operating costs of 100 billion rubles.

Over the next eight years, Russia will introduce 11 GW of electricity from renewable sources - 1.9% of the total generation, and not 4.5% as it was previously thought. But even in this case, the capital cost will exceed 1 trillion rubles, and operating costs of the sector at the end of 2020 will go beyond the 100 billion rubles. These costs are considered too high to transfer them directly to consumers through the mechanisms of contracts for the supply of power, and it is being discussing now the mechanism of  capex lowering competition for green energy projects.

The working group of NP "Market Council" in accordance with the request formulated its assessment of the Ministry of Energy renewable energy development in Russia. It follows from the conclusions of the working group in 2020 will be put on the 11.03 GW RES. The largest number of entries will come from wind power (6.15 GW), solar power (2 GW) and mini-hydro (1.97 GW). Actual entries will begin in 2014.

It is anticipated that the development of renewable energy will be provided by mechanisms that are close to the PDM designed as an incentive for building a new generation. Key indicators of the tariff in the PDM are typical capital and operating costs. Evaluation model capex for 1 kW ranged € 728-1058 for gas generation and € 1245-1353 - for coal. In the framework of classical PD assumed compensation 71-79% of the capital and operating costs of gas generation in the first price zone (CZ), 80% - of the coal in the first CL, 90% and 95%, respectively, gas and coal in the second CL.

But the cost to green energy is much higher. According to calculations of the working group "Market Council", to that of the cost of thermal power coming only wind power, where the recommended standard capital expenditures are € 1375 per 1 kW of installed capacity. The stations for biomass reach around € 2327, solar power plants - € 2519, small hydro (10-25 MW) - € 2887. The most expensive cost of biogas plant - € 3380 per 1 kW.

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