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The development of the electricity market in Russia

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01 October 2012

Dmitry Medvedev believes that the increase in electricity tariffs will no longer be a source of modernization. The Prime Minister spoke about it at a government meeting. 'The country will not be able to afford the increase in electricity tariffs, as in the past five years, and we need to find other mechanisms to modernize the industry ", he said. According to Dmitry Medvedev, thr increase of the industry efficiency is in the first place. To do this it is necessary to introduce advanced technologies at all stages - from production to distribution, a new network infrastructure and an advanced control scheme for the unified energy system of the country.

In addition, Prime Minister said the government should find mechanisms to encourage investment in the sector. 'The company's investment up to 2020 trillion rubles, a lot of money. Substantial part of the investments necessary to attract external sources to create a working system and encourage investors to adopt modern, innovative technologies ", - the head of the government.

Energy Minister Alexander Novak, for his part, said that the Ministry of Energy in December, will introduce the concept of further development of the electricity market. According to him, one of the main points of the document will be options for financing the modernization of the industry. In December, will predstavalena concept of further development of the electricity market, the change has already earned in 2014.

Novak presented the government program of modernization of electric power by 2020. He noted that the funding for the program is planned at 11.4 trillion rubles, including outsourcing of $ 3 trillion, including generating capacity will be allocated 6.8 trillion, the electric grids - 4.6 trillion.

The purpose of the program is to upgrade the Russian power on the basis of domestic and international experience, to overcome the growing technological gap, moral and physical aging of assets, improve the reliability of power supply.

Planned to put 76 GW of new capacity / when removing 26.4 GW, including up to 3 GW of renewable energy.

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