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Extended warranty for Buderus

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03 August 2012

 Company "Bosch Thermotechnik" announced an extended 1+2 year warranty for the Buderus heating equipment sets from the 1st of August.

This extended warranty is additional to the standard Bosch Thermotechnik warranty and is suitable only for the sets of equipment "boiler - burner - controller" or "boiler - burner - controller - hot water tank" during the period from the 01st of August till the 31st of December 2012.

Validity of a three-year warranty for the Buderus heating equipment sets is limited to 36 months from the date of the equipment commissioning, but not more than 39 months from date of shipment from the warehouse of the company "Bosch Thermotechnik"More information on the extended warranty is available at the sales representatives.
The full text of the warranty of the company "Bosch Thermotechnik" can be found at under "Tools".

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