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New Vectra series

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11 November 2011

VECTRA announced new hot-air curtain series on the Russian market: WATER LINE with water heat exchanger, GRAND (with high power rate) and NEW WAVE (with high air flow rate for the installation over high apertures) with ceramic electric heaters.

Highly effective, economic and ecologically friendly semi-conductor heating elements are used for air heating in all these product families.

In comparison with traditional electric heating coils or turbular electric heating elements ceramic heaters are notable for their greater effectiveness by lower energy consumption. VECTRA hot-air curtains become hot four times quicker than traditional heating elements. They could quickly meet working conditions. VECTRA hot-air curtains as opposed to the competitors with coils do not burn oxygen, avoid carbon monoxide formation and dust particles burning with the smell of burning.

VECTRA hot-air curtains have a long life of continuous work - more than 30.000 hours. It is three times more than the same parameter of the hot-air curtains with traditional turbular electric heating elements.

All VECTRA hot-air curtains could be installed both in horizontal and in vertical position. They all possess a wireless control panel, have very low noise characteristics. A special installation console simplifies the installation.

More detailed information about technical features of the new VECTRA equipment you can find on the company's web-site. Customers could enjoy a two-year warranty on the VECTRA hot-air curtains.

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