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GENERAL VRF systems in Kemerovo

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20 October 2011

Installation of General air conditioners is completed in "Maria-Ra" supermarkets (Kemerovo). Multizone General VRF-system V II  was installed  in two steps. Indoor units were installed by the company 'ALFA Climate', Novosibirsk. Outdoor units were installed by the company 'Technostroy', Kemerovo.

There were totally installed:

 • 8 outdoor units with a total nominal cooling capacity of 320 kW;

 • 1 indoor channel unit type ARXC36LATH;

 • 2 indoor channel units type ARXC45LATH;

 • 18 indoor channel units type ARXC60LATH;

 • 2 indoor channel units type ARXC90LATH.

The advantage of this configuration is that indoor units installation bacame much easier thanks to reducing of their dimensions and weight.
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