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Energy problems in the Saratov region

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25 July 2012

Sergei Lisovsky, Industry and Energy Minister of the Saratov region raised the question about the problems of the the mining industry at a press conference. Sergei Lisowski agreed that many countries are now switching to renewable energy sources. Saratov region lags behind in this aspect, no wind, no hydropower is still developed. The only thing that has been achieved in the region is the use of associated gas. In addition, the Minister said that despite all this, the nuclear industry continues to evolve, and orders for plant get bigger. Sergei Lisowski spoke about the project "South Stream", which would include the territory of the Saratov region. The Minister pointed to a map that will pave the pipeline through the Petrovsky, Atkarsk, Kalinin regions, and from there will go to the Volgograd region. Construction and installation work will begin in 2013.

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