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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries presentation

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18 May 2012
On the 15th of May the long-awaited inner presentation of a new Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. product, a management complex for inverter air conditioners MHI HotRodS, took place at the office of the company "Biokond".
The event was attended by technical experts and the manufacturer of top-managers' Biokond. " Technical Department "Biokond" prepared an extensive presentation on the functionality of the new remote. The management interface of the air conditioner with a new console, as was announced earlier, is much improved. And that all present were convinced at the time of presentation. Particular attention is drawn running all gathered information line, which was reflected the following: "May 15 - International Day of Families." Then followed about the fact that today 22 lunar day, is a symbol of his Elephant which symbolizes wisdom and knowledge.
Well, the main test, of course, was devoted to measurements meteopokazany. After all, this feature distinguishes the complex from the HotRodS remotes all other brands of air conditioners. During the presentation, wireless digital temperature sensor and humidity was placed in a window office "Biokond." And after five seconds (this interval with the instrument measures the outdoor weather data) on the screen HotRodS display the corrected information about weather in the street: +19 ° C, atmospheric pressure 751 mm Hg. of Art., humidity 57%. Pressing the METEO will display an animated weather forecast: cloudy / clear. If the data is the voice of the announcer HotRodS TV, the text would be something like this: "Today is cloudy, tomorrow cloudy expected that a distributor of HVAC equipment means one thing - increasing sales."
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