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Close control air conditioners Lessar

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09 December 2011
The company "APL-VENT" represents the range of precision air conditioners Lessar. The line of precision air conditioners Lessar, produced at a factory in Italy, exclusively from European components to meet all the requirements of reliability and has excellent performance characteristics.
In precision air conditioners are used Lessar highly hermetic scroll compressors that provide the parameters of cooling up to 61 kW centrifugal fans with forward curved blades in order to improve noise performance. Chilled air as possible through the bottom of the air conditioner, for example, raised floor, and through the upper part of it.

In the
lineup are versions with air and water cooled condensers, and microprocessor controller manages the performance of compressors and monitors the current alarms. Ability to connect to BMS system and LonWorks protocols ModBUS, as well as working in a group up to 6 pieces. with the possibility of rotation, along with a selection of options and accessories, allows the use of precision air Lessar at facilities for any purpose and complexity.
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