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Improving of energy efficiency in Belarus

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01 June 2012

According to the initiative of the Association of microclimate and cold industry the Government of the Republic of Belarus is taking steps to support and strengthen the Belarusian enterprises operating in the sector of micro-climates and cold industry in recent years.
The Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (employers) and personally its Chairman Harlap, AD actively supports the activities of APIMH.
So, with the assistance of the Government of the Association organized retreats for members of government bodies dedicated to advanced technologies produce storage and demonstrate the ability of enterprises of domestic refrigeration.
The government has abolished import duties on components for the refrigeration equipment to facilitate the transfer of production facilities for the development of domestic production, commissioned the development of standards that meet the requirements of today, in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.
In early May, held a regular meeting of the Commission to improve the economic competitiveness of the Council of Ministers under the leadership of Vladimir Semashko, dedicated to equipping domestic equipment under construction and retrofit of fruit and vegetable stores, grocery stores and retail outlets.
Commission decided to further improve the efficiency of Belarusian enterprises microclimate and cold industry, improve the quality of design and cost minimization in the construction and operation of facilities. In particular it was decided:
-Decide on the design and construction of facilities for which funding is to be carried out with the assistance of borrowed funds or budget resources with the involvement of government support as expert professionals APIMH;
-Provide for the implementation of hardware warranty service organizations, residents of the Republic of Belarus at the conclusion of contracts for the supply of imported equipment;
-Equipment purchase in the tender documents specify only the basic parameters and technical requirements;
Is to provide training and certification (certification) professional manual freon refrigeration and HVAC equipment.

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