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Ceiling diffusers Design Line series

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04 April 2012
Design Line series includes three models with a circular diffuser front panel and seven models with the front panel of a square shape with connecting pipes from 125 mm to 400 mm. Depending on the design panel diffusers form horizontal, vertical or swirled air jet.
Especially for Design Line diffusers designed plenum PLR, patented design which provides alignment and stabilization of the flow of air into the diffuser, which significantly improves the aerodynamic and acoustic characteristics of air jets formed. The plenum has a unique device for controlling the flow of air through which significantly simplifies the process of commissioning.
Diffusers are available in environmentally friendly packaging, which protects the product during transport and can be used to protect the cones during the installation work - it is easily attached to the diffuser is mounted and protects it from dust and dirt building up to the completion of all work.

Потолочные диффузоры серии Design Line
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