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Plastic pipe Compipe

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29 July 2011
Russian metal-polymeric pipe manufacturer 'Kashira Plast' presents a new product: a single layer plastic pipe Compipe PE-Xb. The pipe could be user for cold and hot drinking water supply systems, underfloor and radiator heating systems, technologycal pipes for non-aggressive liquids.

This kind of pipes do not suffer from breaks and twists, the inner pipe section does not accumulate dirt and mud.

The plastic pipe is a  perfect dielectric and does not conduct circulating current and static electricity.

The Compipe PE-Xb pipe has other advantages like high economy drade and universality. For its installation the minimum quantity of fittings with wringing out profiles H, TH, B is required.

The 'Aquatoria Tepla' Engendering Center is beginning Compipe PE-Xb sells this June.
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