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Polymer for steel

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09 February 2012
Victrex Peek (polyaryletherketone) polymers is said to be a good choice when replacing metal wind-turbine components. The high performance and light-weight material allows up to a 70% weight reduction. This can lower stress on the components and reduce energy needed to power the turbine. The tribological characteristics of this thermoplastic compared to metals also helps reduce downtime due to the inherent ability to perform with or without lubrication.

The polymers are useful in wind turbine applications such as bearing separators, connectors, braking systems, and pitches and yaw drive components. The material can be applied to wind equipment to create products that are more corrosion and high temperature resistant, light-weight, durable and stable. Most notably, wind turbine products benefit from PEEK’s strength and wear properties. Victrex polymers also prevent galvanic corrosion, and are an exceptional insulator for generators, motors or transformers. The polymers help extend equipment life, reduce product failures, improve thermal performance and material strength.
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