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Moscow Region will be the leader of energy saving

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02 April 2012
In early February 2012 in the Ministry of Press and Information of Moscow reported that over 330 billion rubles will be spent for the program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Moscow Region for 2010-2020".
With such a powerful investment the region has the potential to lead the all-Russian movement for energy conservation. Save all planned resources: gas, water, electricity and thermal energy.
As a result, the money spent for this purpose should be paid back many times. Hoped that it would be just so, allow the results obtained. For example, a pilot project to upgrade street lighting in the Moscow suburb of Korolev now allows you to save up to 30%. Here, in one of the oldest streets of the city lights replaced with LED. These results have encouraged the heads of other municipalities: in the suburban Dmitrov also developed energy efficient street lighting system. In the near future there is planned to replace more than four thousand street lamps.
If we talk about the economic effect of energy conservation in Russia, as a rule, the most significant funds can be saved by reducing the consumption of thermal energy. It is well known that for these purposes it is recommended to replace the windows, warm fronts and basements, repair of the roof. But this is not a complete set of measures.
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