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Honeywell to unveil 'world's first air conditioning HFO' at Chillventa

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12 November 2012

Honeywell will introduce its HFO blend Solstice L-41 next week in Nuremberg

Refrigerant manufacturer Honeywell will introduce Solstice L-41, the world’s first HFO refrigerant for air conditioner, which it has developed in collaboration with ac giant the Haier Group, at the Chillventa exhibition next week.

A demonstration unit, containing Honeywell’s new HFO blend refrigerant, Solstice L-41, will be previewed at the show in Nuremberg. It is the first innovation produced by the Haier Network Smart Appliance Project, a cooperative effort between Honeywell’s R&D centre and the Haier National Laboratory.

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