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Ostendorf opens plant in Russia

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13 October 2011
German company Ostendorf started production of discharge pipes and fittings for discharging waste water inside buildings at the territory of Russia. The plant is called Ostendorf-Rus and is situated in Egorevsk (Moscow Region).

New German equipment, imported raw materials and components are used for the manufacturing process. The product quality is controlled by the German specialists and meet German and Russian standarts.

The plant opening in Russia will help to avoid price escalation during increasing of prices for raw materials at the expense of low transport charges. Terms of delivery will be reduced as well. The customer will not have to pass through the customs. Payments for the products will be carried out in Russian roubles.

Ostendorf products is represented on the Russian market already for 10 years and are rightfully considered quality standart.
The next step of the company is going to be the organization of production of discharge pipes and fittings for discharging foul water, rainwater outside buildings.
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