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Dantex new chillers

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23 July 2012

Modular Dantex chillers with an air-cooled condenser and capacity 30kW will be equipped with low-temperature set and a built-in hydronic kit. The new series is called commercially DN30BF (D) / EF.

Stable operation in cooling mode at the minimum outdoor temperature -15°C. When equipped with a set of low-temperature control system the chiller can operate in the following modes: cooling by the outside temperature -15°C, for models of the tropical performance - by the outside temperature to +52°C; heating by the outside temperature to -10°C. Operating temperature range is chosen through an appropriate set of microswitches.

The high level of standard equipment. The units have two refrigerant circuits, each equipped with electronic expansion valve, compressor, air cooled condenser. Two refrigerant circuits are connected to the same water heat exchanger tube in a tube.

Compressor Digital SCROLL with a smooth capacity control. Chillers are available in two versions - with the compressor Scroll which has a permanent capacity control, as well as with the compressor Digital Scroll which has a variable capacity control.

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