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Non-return valves Capricorn

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30 August 2011

Egoplast presents a new product, non-return valves Capricorn. This product has a European quality, reasonable price and competitive advantages.

Polish company Capricorn delivers check valves of two types. The device class 1 has an automatic system of water flow block which is connected to the manual locking mechanism.

The Capricorn DUO PROTECT non-return valve is classified as type 2 anti-flooding device pursuant to the European standard 13564. Type 2 valves are anti-flooding devices used with horizontal conduits, equipped with two automatic locking mechanisms and one emergency (manual) locking mechanism.

When facing back flow of sewage, Capricorn DUO PROTECT non-return valve automatically blocks the flow of water through the first flap. In case the first flap is not completely shut (waste may block the flap) or its gasket is damaged (possibly as a result of rodents chewing through), the second flap automatically blocks the flow, thus preventing the rooms located below from flooding. After the backwater recedes, free flow of sewage is automatically restored.

Capricorn DUO PROTECT non-return valve is made of high-quality ABS material, which guarantees thermal stability and chemical resistance
to various substances in sewage sludge. Anti-flooding flaps made of stainless steel are available in all Capricorn non-return valves free of charge. Screws are made of high-quality stainless steel. Reinforced structure guarantees rigidity and durability of Capricorn non-return valve.

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