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New РС ARENA version

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19 October 2011
Honeywell issued a new version of the Workstation ARENA in the software series CentraLine. The latest version 2.03 was translated into Russian.
ARENA is a highly intuitive and versatile PC viewer that makes is easy for you to monitor all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) installations via a web browser – locally or remotely via the web.
It makes it easy for building owners, facility managers, service partners and others to:
• change schedules, setpoints and control parameters
• optimise energy effi ciency by remotely comparing trend data on various facilities
• conduct cost-effi cient remote servicing through dedicated service partners
• speed up emergency service through remote alarming via email/SMS
(messages are sent selectively to defi ned recipients depending on facility, alarm typeand reason etc.)
An ARENA workstation can operate and monitor as many as 100 facilities, all from a web browser.
If ARENA is installed remotely, only a LON-based interface card (iLON 10) is needed in each building
to access the HVAC system.
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