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New manuals for Buderus products

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10 November 2011

New installation, operation and technical operation manuals for the Buderus gas-fired blower burners Logatop GE 1Н burners appeared on the company's website.

Gas-fired burners Logatop GE1H are fully automatic gas-fired blower monoblock series. They are designed for the operation with natural and liquefied gas and satisfy the basic requirements laid down in the standard DIN EN 676.

The burners are used mainly for the boilers which are used for domestic space heating and sanitary hot water heating.  The burners pass for the Russian operation conditions.

The advantages of these burners are:
- All control and management devices are comfortably placed on the burner cover. The burner could be easily and reliably connected with the help of a crimping flexible hose.
- There is no necessity to mount a support frame for gas unit.
- High connection reliability, sharp blower curve and optimal electromagnetic valve opening features ensure stable start-up, overcoming of the boiler high resistance and  relative independence from the draw in the chimney
- Very low emission of greenhouse gases and precise generation of necessary heat volume are reached by means of the optimal interaction of a pre-mix system, blower, gas/air proportional pressure regulator, gas/air pressure monitors and other.
- The indicator console simplifies the maintenance. The burner could be easily unblocked after shutdown on fault. However after the shutdown on fault it is necessary to find the blocking reason.
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