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New Rainbow project

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01 November 2011
Group of companies Rainbow Engineering Systems and Partners worked out a totally new decision of the heat supply question. It includes the construction of an automate gas boiler house which is financed and completely fulfilled by means of the group of companies and partners.
Now there is no necessity to freeze money for the non-core assets of the boiler house building. The project organizes takeaAll construction stages from desing to putting in commission including incidental expense upon themselves. The consumer should pay only for heat output during the operation period.
This scheme was already successfully used by the developing of projects which had financing problems. It has a number of advantages: absence of construction and boiler house maintenance expenditure item, payments for staff and fuel, there is no need for a consumer to carry out the designing, construction and building works, receive permissions for gas usage, licenses for a dangerous industrial facility and heat networks, follow the formal procedure.
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