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Second issue of the BAXI advertising newspaper

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25 August 2011

The second issue of the BAXI advertising newspaper 'Star that heats!' appeared on this week.

The first page is occupied with an branding poster with the information about electric boilers AMPTEC (UK) which are suitable for conventional radiator heating systems or for underfloor heating applications, they are designed both for for pressurised or open vented systems, are very simple to operate and comfortable in use.

On the second and third page you can read an extensive article about condensing boilers. The article gives information about condensing equipment, historical excursus, burning and condensing principles, advantages of this kind of equipment and more. On the third page there is also information about a new product 2011 POWER HT, floor standing condensing boilers with an uncreased power.

On the fourth page you can find out the participation terms in the competition 'Installation supervision' which is hold as part of the BAXI Club program. Here you can also find an article about facilities equipped with BAXI condensing boilers.

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