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New room thermostat RDG100T/H

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06 February 2012
Siemens RDG100T/H is the electronic room thermostat that allows you to set the ideal room temperature you want. The thermostat provides Comfort, Energy saving mode and Protection mode and, in addition, an Auto Timer mode with 8 programmable timers. The fan operates either in Automatic mode or at the selected speed when using Manual mode. You can either rely on the factory settings or make adjustments that suit your individual needs.

Room temperature control via built-in temperature sensor or external room temperature / return air temperature sensor
• Automatic or manual changeover between heating and cooling mode
• Selection of applications via DIP switches
• Selection of operating mode via operating mode button on the thermostat
• 1- or 3-speed or DC 0…10 V fan control (automatic or manual)
• Display of current room temperature or setpoint in °C and/or °F
• Minimum and maximum setpoint limitation
• Button lock (automatic or manual)
• 3 multifunctional inputs, freely selectable for:
– Operating mode switchover contact (keycard, window contact, etc.)
– Changeover sensor for automatic heating / cooling mode
– External room temperature or return air temperature
– Dewpoint sensor
– Electrical heater enable
– Faults
• Advanced fan control function, i.e. fan kick, fan start, selectable fan operation
depending on heating / cooling mode, fan start delay in systems with ON/OFF
• Purge function in conjunction with 2-port valve in systems with automatic heating /
cooling changeover
• Reminder to clean fan filters
• Floor heating temperature limitation
• Reload factory settings for commissioning and control parameters
• 7-day time program: 8 programmable timers to switch over between Comfort and
Energy Saving mode (RDG100T)
• Infrared remote control (RDG100T)
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