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Siemens room thermostat RDF

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27 December 2011
The Siemens Building Technologies Division presents a semi flush-mount room thermostat RDF302 with RS485 Modbus communications for 2-pipe, 2-pipe with electrical heater, and 4-pipe fan coil units and for use with compressors in DX type equipment.
RDF302 – the room thermostat with RS 485 communications, using Modbus protocol, allows you to set the ideal room temperature you want. The thermostat provides Comfort, Energy Saving, and Protection mode. The fan operates either in Auto mode or at a speed selected in Manual mode. You can either take advantage of the thermostat's factory settings or adjust it as needed.

The RDF302 controls:
- One single or 3-speed fan
- One or two on/off valve actuators
- One on/off valve actuator and one 1-stage electrical heater
- One 3-position valve actuator
- One 1-stage compressor in DX-type equipment, or one 1-stage compressor with
electrical heater

Used in systems with:
- Heating or cooling mode
- Automatic heating/cooling changeover
- Manual heating/cooling changeover
- Heating and cooling mode (e.g. 4-pipe system)

The room thermostats are delivered with a fixed set of applications.
The relevant application is selected and activated during commissioning using one
of the following tools:
- Local DIP switch and HMI
- Modbus commissioning tools
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