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Buderus Logamax E213

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06 March 2012
The company "Bosch Thermotechnik" is manufacturing a new line of electric boilers Buderus Logamax E213 ranging from 2 to 60 kW and began its supplies to the Russian market. The main advantage of Logamax E213 is the ease of installation, configuration and minimal amount of additional required elements of the heating system for connection.
Electric boilers do not require a separate room for the installation, they are quiet and small, and therefore suitable for installation in a residential area. Logamax E213 does not require a chimney because this type of boilers does not emit harmful substances, and there is no need for treatment and disposal of products of combustion.
Electric boilers are several times cheaper than gas boilers and are ideal for homes with temporary accommodation for example country houses or as a reserve heating source.

Quiet operation of boilers Logamax E213 is guaranteed due to a built-in switch relay for output levels of the boiler. Power control can be performed directly on the boiler and connected to it through the room thermostat.
Boiler output adjusting is independent via the connection diagram of the second and third stages. The first step turns on automatically by a boiler or a room thermostat.
The second and third stages can be adjusted manually and operated independently of each other, it can significantly reduce energy consumption.
Logamax E213 ranging from 2 to 18 kW have a 7-liter expansion vessel, safety valve, pump and pressure control sensor.
The boilers from 22 to 60 kW have a pump and the water pressure sensor. An expansion vessel and a pressure relief valve must be ordered separately.
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