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New BAXI booklet

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27 March 2012
A new BAXI booklet "Product Range 2012" has been issued.

The 2012 booklet has the new design - the front page is designed in the form of an advertising poster that represents information about the latest FOURTECH boiler series, which specifications are described on the second page.

On the pages of the booklet you will find useful information on BAXI products, as well as the following:

• a guide for managers and vendors of boiler choice on the basis of heating surface area and number of hot water consumption places (pp. 2-3);
• guidance on the hot water boiler choice depending on the capacity of the boiler to which it is attached (page 4);
• the most commonly used accessories for conventional and condensing boilers (pp. 31-32 and 34-35);
• patterns of use of chimney accessories for traditional and condensing boilers (pp. 32-33 and 36-37);
• in the booklet new recommended retail prices are given with effect from the 1st of February 2012.

The booklet will be useful to designers, technicians, sales managers of both wholesale and retail companies, and all those who work with the BAXI products.

The booklet is distributed through regional representatives and BAXI authorized dealers.
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