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New Siemens wind turbines

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09 December 2011
During the 2011 EWEA Offshore Conference in Amsterdam, Siemens Energy announced the launch of sales of its new 6 MW wind turbine

The gearboxless SWT-6.0 will be offered with rotor diameters of 120 and 154 m and has been specifically designed for offshore use. The nacelle and rotor have a total weight of around 350 t. "We think that the SWT-6.0 will set the global standard for offshore wind turbines. Due to its ingenious design and low weight, this plant will significantly reduce the cost of offshore wind energy", said Henrik Stiesdal, CTO for the Wind Power Division at Siemens Energy, confidently.

The SWT-6.0-154 is equipped with 75 m type B75 Quantum rotor blades, whereas the type SWT-6.0-120 is equipped with the established B58 blades with a length of 58 metres, which are already used by Siemens on its 3.6 MW turbines. The entire electrical system of the 6 MW plant including the medium voltage system and a full converter is contained in the nacelle. This enables the plant to be tested on land before it is erected offshore. A work platform has been integrated into the rear section of the nacelle, which enables access to the plant via helicopter.

Siemens erected the prototype of the SWT-6.0 in May 2011 in the Danish town of Høvsøre and has been operating the turbine in test mode. "The tests fully confirm our recent calculations", says Stiesdal. For 2012 and 2013, Siemens plans to install a preproduction series of up to 50 SWT-6.0 turbines at onshore and offshore locations in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


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