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New RIDGID benders

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30 July 2012

The company RIDGID brings to the Russian market the new 600 series manual benders. The RIDGID® 600 Series Lever Benders are specially designed for bending hard tubing such as stainless steel, steel and titanium. A simple two-stage handle design easily switches to bend up to 180°, keeping bends in-plane and accurate.

In-Plane: Two-stage design allows bends from 90° to 180° without ever crossing handles; lock/unlock with a half-turn rotation of the bending handle.
Accurate: Roll dies in bending carriage reduce tube flattening (ovality). Gain marks on front of form ensure properly aligned bending angles.
Reduced Force: Extra-long handles for increased leverage; vise clamp block for extra stability.
Ergonomic: Cushioned handle grips for improved bending ease.

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