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Volume transmitter and controller IML

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09 November 2011

Produal Oy, a Finnish specialist of building automation measurement technology, offers new IML-M volume transmitter and controller.

IML is made for detecting and controlling air volumes in air handling units and room spaces. Air volumes will be calculated by using the differential pressure resulting from the flow of the air in the duct or in the fan.

The display is showing air volume or differential pressure , the desired variable that can be locked on the display. The variable will be selected in the menu during commissioning. The housing of the IML is made so that it can be used also in dusty and wet surroundings.

The efficiency of the fast changing pressures resulting from process problems can be eliminated by changing the time constant. Excellent accuracy of the measurement is guaranteed by the automatic zero point calibration.

IML-M offers Modbus RTU communication for connection to monitoring systems and to BMS solutions. The measurements can be read and the settings can be made via Modbus.

IML can be used as stand-alone volume controller, volume controller part of a BMS, as a Modbus pressure transmitter or a Modbus volume transmitter/controller.

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