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New Daewoo wall-hung boilers

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19 August 2011

Daewoo presents new gas boiler series with a closed combustion chamber and power variety from 11 to 46.5 kW (8 models). All boilers have separate heat exchangers, burners made of stainless steel. Boilers operate stably at reduced gas and water pressure maintaining at the same time the smoothness of an automatic power control by the heat requirements changes. Infrared sensor control of combustion gas and microprocessor controller ensure high efficiency. The boiler is equipped with all necessary control systems and automation. The boiler is controlled via remote (up to 50 meters) digital control panel with LCD display.

There are several special boiler operation modes:
• 'Heating only',
• 'Hot water supply only',
• 'Heating + Hot water supply',
• 'Fast
hot water supply',
• 'Heating by the heat carrier temperature',
• 'Heating by the inside air temperature',
• 'Timer operation',
• 'Minimal heating'.

Equipment are assembled in South Korea. Components are made in South Korea, the gas valve and a microprocessor are delivered from Japan.

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