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New valves VVF/VXF43, VVF/VXF53

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07 December 2011
Siemens Department "Building Technologies" (I BT) reported that the new valves VVF/VXF43, VVF/VXF53 would expand Acvatix valves family and replace the existing valves series VVF/VXF41, VVF45 and VVF52, which would be out of production from December 2011.

The new valves famity have following features:
- different size range,
- increased kvs value for the same sizes,
- reduced leakage rate to grade 4 (0.01%),
- expanded permissible heat carrier temperature range from -20°C to 220°C,
another case material: in the new valves a stronger
cast iron GJS-400 is used instead of annealed cast iron GJL-250.
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