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New Milwaukee Quick & Easy Expander Tools

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19 October 2011

Uponor and Milwaukee developed a reliable and efficient solution for pipe-joint installation process. The new Uponor Milwaukee Quick & Easy Expander Tools M12 and M18 increase the productivity to installers. These tools are designed for Uponor Quick & Easy fitting solution and allow for durable joints in less than 10 seconds.

The Uponor Quick & Easy jointing technology utilize the memory effect of PE-Xa pipes. Once the pipe and the locking ring are expanded and pushed on the fitting, the material shrinks back to its original state, providing a tight and durable connection.

Previously, installers using manual and cordless tools to expand the PE-Xa pipes by operating the Expander Tool and slightly rotating the head segments manually. This could turn out to be difficult and time-consuming process when installing Quick & Easy in hard reachable locations.

The new Uponor Milwaukee Expander Tools M12 and M18 provide auto-rotating Expansion Heads, allowing the Quick & Easy connections to be installed four times faster than with manual and cordless tools.

The auto-rotating head of M12 and M18 allows for accurate expansion with one hand and, due to the Quick Cam Mechanism, the tools can be handled with a single pull and provide continuous actuation. The tools are suitable for tough onsite conditions as they contain steel gears and an integrated metal frame. The LED work light allows for the easy installation of Quick & Easy fittings in dark locations.

Made for practice, the right-angled design of M12 allows for the installation of fittings even in confined locations. The tool accepts 14 mm stroke length heads from 12 mm up to 32 mm diameter. The M18 tool provides a D-handle design for onsite durability and accepts 14 and 25 mm stroke length heads from 12 mm up to 40 mm diameter.

The M12 standard tool kit includes 16, 20, and 25 mm diameter heads, while the M18 standard tool kit includes 20, 25, and 32 mm diameter heads. The heads are colour coded for each dimension and can be changed without additional equipment. The Milwaukee tools are also compatible with all existing Uponor Expansion Heads, so installers don’t need to restock their inventory. Since the current Uponor heads will not auto-rotate, the installer needs to apply some grease on the backside of the Uponor head and rotate the tool manually.

The new Uponor Milwaukee Expander Tools allow for pipe-joint installation with all Quick & Easy fittings. Uponor offers a range of PPSU Quick & Easy fittings that provide high pressure and temperature resistance, and additionally dezincification resistant (DR) brass fittings that are suitable to withstand extremely aggressive water conditions.

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